Today I realize it was Fall
I walk up to my car (truck) on my way to work this morning, 
I really didn't pay it any attention but I look at the ground to discover the changing color of the Leaves that had fallen to the ground. 
when I open my door to get in
I had leaves on the window with a soft morning glow that Fall gives
you know what I'm talking about??

this morning it was 36 degrees and to most that's pretty good for this time of year'
for me- this was a pair of legging
a body-con dress
a turtle neck
and tall booths
and my fave salvation army sweater
to keep the frost bite AWAY

I absolutely love this time of the year


Today was like any other day.  I spent money and did nothing.  
Mostly I wish I had did something productive (FUN)
I really don't do much fun......

I bought a pair of these cute wedges from DD's Fashion
Oxford blood colour
Really cute I must say!

Here's a picture
Do you agree? 

I only paid 12 Bucks 
Thats called a  millionare  buy!
Yup and i'm not sure what I'll be wearing with them.